Welcome. Several changes have been made recently. You may notice
some of them. Others are not visibly obvious. There is no longer a
Members Section. Updates were lax on my part when there was some
ilness in my family. In 2012 I began to do huge updates in attempt to
make up for lost time. That went on for nearly two years. In spite of
this, there was not enough interest in the Members Section to cover
the expenses of hosting it.

The site is now hosted with a different provider. The original provider
had changed over the years. The quality of their service fell far below
acceptable. The site was infected by malware multiple times. It became
pointless to keep fixing it as I received no support from my hosting

For now the site is a protal to our downloadable video clips. It may be
modified in time. That all depends on where the changes in media take
us. I may add downloadable photo sets on the download site. All of
this depends on interest and participation.

The Live Dunk Tank site will likely be mothballed for a while. Though
there is participation, it has declined. At current the funds generated
are not covering the cost to opperate. It is also taking an expensive
toll on my equipment. At least for now we have agreed to give it a break.
Who knows, we may decide to revamp it and bring it back if it seems
that interest has increased.

I have many hours of unreleased video footage. For a while, I will be
spending my time editing and making it available. As always, thanks to
all my loyal fans who have long supported my work.


DS Productions
PO Box 35
Hinsdale, IL 60522-0035

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